Impact of New Technologies by 2030

Impact of New Technologies by 2030


A recent survey shows that the technology areas especially the four core technology groups as informational technology, manufacturing technology, health technology and resource technology will change the global economic in coming years and by 2030, you can see a complete dominance in the field of technology.

Let us discuss the percentage of dominance the new four technologies will make that by the end of 2030.

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The IT sector will be in focus for the power to change the living life and the way we live today, do businesses and also protect ourselves from the various threats by the end of 2030. It will continue to provide the better solutions for the storage of data and data processing but with the faster mode of operation. It will provide the organizations & governments to understand their customers fully. Smart cities will be developed under which better solutions will be provided with the help of IT to maximize citizens.

Author | Lisa Thompson Comments | Comments Off on Impact of New Technologies by 2030 Date | September 14, 2016

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