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Why Lawyers Must Use Technology

In this day and age, lawyers must use technology to manage their legal practices. Once upon a time, lawyers used paper calendars to schedule meetings with their clients, but now the world has changed, so if you still use large file cabinets to store all your vital documents, now is the time to make the change. It is the twenty-first century, everyone is a techie, if you are not you are sleep walking down dinosaur lane which leads to the way of the dodo; extinction. As the cliché goes, “change or die.” Using an iPad to manage your practice would not hurt, would it?

For any attorney to represent clients responsibly, and with ethics, in the digital world of today, you have to step into that very world yourself. Legal techies will always be one step ahead the whole time, but it is not too late for the technology dinosaur to adapt to the changed order or face extinction. If you are one, you are probably asking yourself, what could be better that good old pen and paper? Yeah yeah, even the dinosaurs must have felt invincible, but little did they know that their unwillingness to adapt would lead them to extinction. Here are the reasons why your high tech rival law firms, such as www., seem to be on a lucky streak of winning cases, while you struggle to keep the lights on. Here are some of the advantages of using technology to manage your legal practice.

Grow Your Business – Advertising

Did you know you can get online listings for your firm all for free? Online marketing can get to more people than one can ever meet in one lifetime. Getting a free Google Places account will get clients calling you within no time. The web is an invaluable marketing tool that your competitors have had at their disposal for an amazingly cheap cost. While you were busy buying ads on traditional media, your weak online presence or absence has made you invisible to potential clients, many of whom search online for an attorney, like a NYC personal injury lawyer.

Avoid Clutter

Your offices could use a little more orderliness and usually that is synonymous with getting rid of all the old paperwork, but it is still vital to have them preserved, so just buy a scanner and store all your vital documents in digital form for easy retrieval and safe keeping.

Reduce the time spent writing and improve the overall efficiency of your business

How much time do you spend on writing invoices and trying to balance ledgers? Even if you do not do it yourself, you are wasting important man hours that your firm pays for. Using automated record and accounting software will help you grow your business to a whole new level.

Meet Deadlines and Reminders

With your iPhone on you, you do not have to worry about forgetting a meeting or deadline. The thing is, you always have it with you, and it tells you “look at me” unlike written text that may not be enabled to do that.

Your Clients are Digital

The fact that clients are digital is the reason why lawyers must use technology

See some of the Technology Solutions Small Firm Lawyers Use to Run Successful Law Practices

Lawyers Using Technology to Manage Practices

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Author | Lisa Thompson Comments | Comments Off Date | November 18, 2016

Impact of New Technologies by 2030


A recent survey shows that the technology areas especially the four core technology groups as informational technology, manufacturing technology, health technology and resource technology will change the global economic in coming years and by 2030, you can see a complete dominance in the field of technology.

Let us discuss the percentage of dominance the new four technologies will make that by the end of 2030.

Information technologiesistock_peshkova_future-of-employment_banner_sm

The IT sector will be in focus for the power to change the living life and the way we live today, do businesses and also protect ourselves from the various threats by the end of 2030. It will continue to provide the better solutions for the storage of data and data processing but with the faster mode of operation. It will provide the organizations & governments to understand their customers fully. Smart cities will be developed under which better solutions will be provided with the help of IT to maximize citizens.

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Author | Lisa Thompson Comments | Comments Off Date | September 14, 2016