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Impact of New Technologies by 2030


A recent survey shows that the technology areas especially the four core technology groups as informational technology, manufacturing technology, health technology and resource technology will change the global economic in coming years and by 2030, you can see a complete dominance in the field of technology.

Let us discuss the percentage of dominance the new four technologies will make that by the end of 2030.

Information technologiesistock_peshkova_future-of-employment_banner_sm

The IT sector will be in focus for the power to change the living life and the way we live today, do businesses and also protect ourselves from the various threats by the end of 2030. It will continue to provide the better solutions for the storage of data and data processing but with the faster mode of operation. It will provide the organizations & governments to understand their customers fully. Smart cities will be developed under which better solutions will be provided with the help of IT to maximize citizens.

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Author | Lisa Thompson Comments | Comments Off Date | September 14, 2016

Auto & Manufacturing Technologies

Ford Engineers Evaluate Manufacturing Processes in a Virtual EnvOne of the most drastic changes that any industry will face by the end of 2030 will be automation & techandbusiness2030manufacturing industry, as we know that the manufacturing has gone the way far in the last two decades by the usefulness of the existing technologies. Today logistics, suppliers, and manufacturers who are present in the market, made a global ecosystem of trade companies around the world. This new technology will change the work patterns of both developed and underdeveloped countries.aaeaaqaaaaaaaakcaaaajdqyy2mwn2jkltvmnzqtndq3os1izwjmltlmndgwmgywzjgznq

If we talk about the automation industry, then robotics are the most advanced level technology which is being utilized in the civil & military worlds. Around millions of robots are already present in the market and under operations around the world. Slowly but the demands for the nonindustrial robots is increasing day by day to make the daily life easier * comfortable. The experts mostly use 3d printing and autonomous vehicles for the specific needs and by the end of 2030, 3D printing will replace the conventional methods of producing the items on a smaller scale and with higher value.

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Author | Lisa Thompson Comments | Comments Off Date | September 15, 2016

Resource Technologies

imagehandler-ashxOwing to the population growth, the human beings are facing the problem of lack of resources and escala-600x400by the end of 2030, there will be an increase in the demand for the resources. In the underdeveloped countries, this demand could be high in nature. However, technologies can change this problem and will produce the resources for each and every man. The advances produced by the resource technologies can improve the agricultural productivity by using precise farming, genetically modified crops, and fuel for the farmers. This new technology can help the farmers achieve the good eater management through irrigation efficiency. This can make the potential effect on the climate and environment.

Health technologiestn-2439475-tn-dpt-me-mutual-ufo-network-4-jpg-20150925

With the advancement of technology in the health sector, a new form of technology will arise, and that will be health technology that can bring a lot of changes in the health sector of the particular economy. The disease handling capability will be increased and with a good supportive management, it will be more effective nature. Diagnosis will become easier, and there will be optimum solutions present in front of doctors to cure any diseases. By the end of 2030 replacement organs such as kidneys, &livers could be possibly replicated. In this way, this will increase the quality and longevity of life.

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Author | Lisa Thompson Comments | Comments Off Date | September 15, 2016